Hello. My name is Laura. I am an unaffiliated Druid. This means I serve as a spiritual caregiver in a Pagan tradition that has its roots in Celtic Ireland and Europe. While I respect and learn from as many of the large Druid organizations I am not part of them officially. I am also a Unitarian Universalist on a very slow path to lay ministry. I have Clergy credentials with the Church of Universal Life and those allow me to legally perform marriages in MA, where I am based and many surrounding states. As a pansexual woman, I am deeply committed to any service I can offer the LGBTQA+ community. I perform Marriages, Vow Renewals, Handfasting, Child Namings, Funerals and Funerary Rituals and House or Site Blessings. I have been on the Druid path serving since 2010 and Pagan since 1998. I am also always interested and honored to help with Humanist, Agnostic or Atheist life and death ceremonies. My geographic range is usually New England, but I have random wider areas I can travel to (family to stay with etc). Simply message me and we can set up a discussion via phone, skype or email. Goddess Bless.





*Photo credits–About page and front page, Herons photographed by David Dibley:¬†http://www.sibleyguides.com/2016/07/white-great-blue-heron-massachusetts/