What is a Druid? 

A Druid is usually (but not always) a Pagan whose worship and spiritual practices are connected to the pre-Christian Celtic pantheon of Ireland, Britain, France or Scotland.  Some of us are very clearly recognizable as a form of Pagan clergy–not just worshipers but Ritual Celebrants, or other ancient roles–Storyteller, Historian, Bard, Diviner or Healer. Some of us resemble spiritual hermits; we don’t really interact with people in the role of Ceremonial Officiant.

I am a ceremonial officiant, storyteller and in Non-Druid life, a formally trained historian as it happens.

What kind of ceremonies do you perform?

It would be my genuine pleasure to officiate your hand-fasting, wedding, or vow renewal; also your Child Dedication (this is a Unitarian Universalist equivalent of a baptism), or any ceremony to celebrate a gender transition or name change for anyone of any age. I perform house blessings and blessings for businesses–new and old in both categories! I also am more than willing to officiate a funeral service, and accompany to a burial site–regardless of the species of the deceased. To clarify–I do rituals for animals. Humanity does not have the corner on any market in this universe, not on  souls, intelligence, compassion or philosophy.

Because the world is not exactly crawling with pagans, sometimes finding someone to conduct a life ceremony is difficult. Our current political mess is not going to help. *Full disclosure: This is a zero tolerance, Trump/Pence/GOP/Nazi prohibited zone.*

ALSO: When I say anyone of LGBTQA+ identity is absolutely welcome and a joyful privilege to serve, I mean it. 

Do you practice Magic?

Some of us are focused on the practice of magic–which I and many Pagans define as a form of petitioning Spiritual Powers, a kind of concentrated prayer. That might include burning candles,preparing  herbal bundles, setting a focus of prayer into a stone or piece of wood. Yes, I practice what might be considered magic but I am hardly the Gods’ gift to the Druid Talent Pool.

Will you perform any kind of magic without telling me?

No, of course not, even if it’s a blessing for the best life possible with fluffy bunnies and millions of dollars I will discuss it with you first.

What do you charge?

I follow the rates suggested by the UUA for someone at my stage in the pursuit of any form of ministry. I also employ a need based sliding scale. I take helping people seriously, so please do not hesitate based on my pricing; we can discuss and negotiate.

Weddings: $400, with rehearsal $450, plus  Current IRS Mileage allowance

Vow Renewals: $350, with rehearsal $400, plus Current IRS Mileage

Funerals:$250, including a Eulogy, $275, graveside committal, plus Current IRS Mileage Allowance

What about transitioning celebrations, name changings or other LGBTQA+ focused ceremonies outside the realm of weddings or funerals?

Everyone is different. I think the fairest thing I can do is to say:talk to me. Let me know what you want and need. Please remember, I will not charge more than 450 for any single ceremonial event. And, especially in light of who this country’s electoral college and other assorted malfeasants have elected President and VP,  the Sliding Scale is next to godliness for me–I want to be as accessible as possible.

If you believe in Gods or Magic and things I consider flim-flam as a Humanist, Agnostic or Aetheist, why would you be interested in officiating at my ceremony?

Two reasons. First, for the Druid, Religion is Science and Science is religion. This does NOT mean we twist science to suit our beliefs. Plenty of other folks do that if you’re so desperate to play flat-earth-society. No, for me, Science can only increase my awe and my faith in the glory and wonder of the Universe and of my Household Gods. –And if Science changes, my beliefs evolve accordingly. A stone may be sacred to me because of the properties the ancient Celts associated with it and still be sacred–in fact more so, if I can understand that it’s an igneous, metamorphic or sedimentary rock.

Secondly, my late husband, the person I loved more than anyone else in the world was an Agnostic. So Humanist ceremonies or gatherings are a good way to honor him, although of course indirectly so.


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