Services, Costs and the Importance of Sliding Scale**

  Hand-fasting (negotiable) Wedding, $ 400, ($450 including rehearsal) or vow renewal;$300 (rehearsal $350). Also your Child Dedication (this is a Unitarian Universalist equivalent of a baptism). Any ceremony to celebrate a gender transition or name change for anyone of any age. House blessings and blessings for businesses–new and old in both categories! Funeral Service, […]

Tarot and the Wandering Druid

I have the same relationship status many Druids might click on Facebook with their Tarot deck: It’s complicated. Strictly speaking there is no archaeological or historical evidence connecting the Druids to Tarot in any way. None of their forms of divination that ancient primary sources describe even remotely resemble a Tarot system. This makes sense […]


What is a Druid?  A Druid is usually (but not always) a Pagan whose worship and spiritual practices are connected to the pre-Christian Celtic pantheon of Ireland, Britain, France or Scotland.  Some of us are very clearly recognizable as a form of Pagan clergy–not just worshipers but Ritual Celebrants, or other ancient roles–Storyteller, Historian, Bard, […]